Music Program

Lighthouse of Collier Music Program offers instruction to children and adults in:

  • Reading braille music to access music notation in the student’s choice of instrument. Braille music provides students with the opportunity to access their music independently and accurately.
  • Learning Lime Aloud software to enable blind students to hear the audio description of music notes and compose original music.
  • Utilizing Goodfeel software to transcribe print music into braille.
  • Using Lime Lighter to enable students with low vision to magnify and scroll through music.
  • Participating in drumming circles based on African and Latin American drumming. Participants learn to sing, dance, and play a variety of percussion instruments to understand and demonstrate the value of listening and cooperative teamwork.

Our Music Program has had the opportunity to participate in events which are possible thanks to the partnerships that Lighthouse of Collier has achieved. These are some of the partnerships that our clients have been able to enjoy:

  • Artis-Naples

“Whales in Motion”.  A musical and sculptural experience for the blind and visually impaired.

This incredible project was demonstrated by Terry Wolkowicz (Director of Education for New Bedford Symphony Orchestra and Education Director at Sound Explorations) in partnership with Artis—Naples.  “Sensing Motion” uses tactile sculptures and music to allow blind and visually impaired people to understand how living things move in their environment. In the “Whales in Motion” program, participants interacted with specially designed sculptures that demonstrate foraging, swimming and diving behaviors of  Humpback and North Atlantic Right whales. Participants made their own sculptures using an Animal Motion Path Maker. While the participant’s hand passed over the sculpture, a musician played music that mimicked the speed, contour, and exact movements perceived by the participant’s hand.

  • Naples Community Orchestra (NCO)

Naples Community Orchestra has been providing outstanding classical music concerts for over 30 years and recently announced its Community Partnership with Artis-Naples. Our clients enjoy attending these high-quality concerts and fellowshipping with others during the outdoor reception.

  • Grand Piano Series

Grand Piano Series is a non-profit concert and education organization dedicated to performing and preserving music, and connecting with the community through outreach, free performances to underserved populations, student programs, masterclasses, and lectures. Attending the concerts is a highlight for our clients and a unique opportunity for our students to meet professional musicians who serve as role models for excellence in music.


Special Thanks goes out to The League Club who provided a $35,000 grant to Lighthouse of Collier to assist in establishing the Music Program.  It was a special grant in recognition of The League Club’s 35th anniversary.


Thank you to all our partners for providing our clients with unique experiences through music!