Music Program

Lighthouse of Collier Music Program offers instruction to children and adults in:

  • Reading braille music to access music notation in the student’s choice of instrument. Braille music scores provide students with the opportunity to access their music independently and accurately.
  • Learning Lime Aloud software to enable blind students to hear the audio description of music notes and compose original music.
  • Utilizing Goodfeel software to transcribe print music into braille.
  • Using Lime Lighter to enable students with low vision to magnify and scroll through music scores.
  • Participating in drumming circles based on African and Latin American drumming. Participants learn to sing, dance, and play a variety of percussion instruments to understand and demonstrate the value of listening and cooperative teamwork.


Special Thanks goes out to The League Club who provided a $35,000 grant to Lighthouse of Collier to assist in establishing the Music Program.  It was a special grant in recognition of The League Club’s 35th anniversary.