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All programs are year round in a group and/or on an individual bases depending on the needs of the client.

Orientation and Mobility

Learn skills for safe independent navigation at home, work, or in the community. Depending on the needs, white cane training and/or service animal assistance provided.

Photo of person with white walking cane
Photo of female adult client using beads to practice dexterity

Daily Living Skills

Learn skills to live independently and safely at home, such as tactile medication labeling, cooking, safety, money identification, grooming, using check and signature guides, talking watches, a phone, safety tips and much more.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The adult Vocation Rehabilitation Program is designed for adult clients that are either working or want to go back to work. The program provides comprehensive training in self-help skills, computer/adaptive technology and job readiness; orientation and mobility, low vision services, and personal and home management.

The focus of this program is to offer a Job Readiness Program to provide clients with a comprehensive, person-centered, employment readiness program using a learning-based curriculum, all within a community setting.

This program includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Curriculum catered to the individual’s needs,
  • ADL (Adult Daily Living Skills) training specific for job readiness
  • Assistive Technology training,
  • Social and Communication Skills training,
  • Orientation and Mobility training,
  • Support groups,
  • Tools to assist clients with ADL and Orientation and Mobility

In summary, the goal of this program is to develop our client’s job readiness skills, assist the client in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, increase the client’s self-evaluation techniques for personal improvement, and to meet individual goals; and to develop connections between the Lighthouse and community business leaders to assist in securing employment for our clients.


Photo of male adult client using beads to practice dexterity

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology has removed many barriers to education and employment for individuals who are visually impaired. Thanks to advances in technology, students with visual impairments can complete homework, take tests, do research, and read books along with their sighted classmates.  Adults with visual impairments can continue to interact electronically with others, use social media, work and pursue a large range of career paths because of the use of computers and other devices modified or made specifically for the visually impaired community.

These include:

  • Assistive technology programs that run on off-the-shelf computers can speak the text on the screen or magnify the text in a word processor, web browser, e-mail program or other application
  • Stand-alone products designed specifically for people who are blind or visually impaired, including personal digital assistants (PDAs) and electronic book players provide portable access to books, phone numbers, appointment calendars, and more.
  • Optical character recognition systems scan printed material and speak the text. Braille embossers turn text files into hard-copy braille.
Photo of Assistive Technology Instructor providing CCTV instructions to an adult male client
Photo of a group of Lighthouse of Collier clients receiving Orientation & Mobility lesson at CREW in the Everglades

Recreation and Leisure

Recreation and Leisure activities are Life Enrichment Classes for Blind and Visually Impaired adults improve and expand the lives of students young and old. Such classes may include continuous arts and crafts classes to improve dexterity (which is important in learning Braille), exercise classes and lectures that focus on fitness and wellness, field trips and music enjoyment. This will provide our clients the opportunity to become part of a peer community and learn from the experiences of others who may have similar issues.


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