Meet William

I started working with William from the very first day I began as an instructor for the Lighthouse of Collier. William has been totally blind now for a few years. He participates in many different group classes provided from the Lighthouse such as: iOS class where we provide instruction on using iPhones, weekly support groups, history club and book club as well as spending time with me once per week going over his iPhone.

William and I started with the basics. First, we learned how to turn voiceover (iPhone’s screen reader program) on and off using his shortcut as well as Siri, then opening and closing apps using Siri. Once he was comfortable with those things we practiced closing apps using the app switcher and now we are working on deleting unwanted emails, messages and voicemail.

Each week I work with William, he is always a delight! He is extremely patient and does not get discouraged when something does not go right. He enjoys learning something new and does not give up on it until he has mastered a new skill. He is taking all of this instruction with a wonderful attitude! I enjoy each and every week we get together!