Meet William

William is a 96 year old WWII vet who loves to tell stories of his past.  He talks about his father from Finland who fought in the Finish Civil War, and who was born in 1888!!  As an army vet himself, William served time in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. After the war, William developed a love of healthy living and fast cars.  In fact, after moving to Naples, William’s primary job was to repair and maintain a fleet of high end, one-of-a-kind and rare cars owned by a few uber-rich Naples residents.

As mentioned, William is also into health. After suffering from two heart attacks 10 years ago, he gave up all medications and switched to vitamins and distilled water. In fact, William swears that distilled water is the key to longevity.

I love working with clients like William. With the provision of a few low vision aids he was able to instantly perform his reading and writing tasks.  The Lighthouse provided him with a LP Calendar, bold pens/paper and loaner desktop CCTV. With these easy-to-use tools, William is able to document doctor’s appointments, read his mail and access food labels.

Additionally, the Lighthouse helped William sign up with the Collier Paratransit services. Even though he will continue to ride his scooter to Walmart, William will be able to expand his options by shopping at Costco and the nearby Publix.

Last but not least, the Lighthouse of Collier provided assistance and training with the Talking Book Library Program. Pre-vision loss, William was an avid reader. He has a library of books in the back of his house.  Now with this new talking book machine, William can reminisce about past historical events and keep apprised of the new.  He loves the energy the narrators and actors bring into his home, and he continues to learn new things daily.