Meet Rosa

I called Rosa today to offer a home visit – training had been on hold due to her other health and family commitments.  Rosa appreciated the offer as she was having a particularly hard day coping with her vision loss and managing her daily tasks. Rosa expressed feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. She needed to talk. After listening and empathizing with her situation, I suggested that she resume her attendance with the weekly support group- to share her frustrations with her peers. However, Rosa had already been attending on a weekly basis and excitedly rattled off accolades about several members who helped her in their own special way (their names have been changed to protect the group’s privacy).  Just a few comments are mentioned below:

George is so insightful, articulate and always offers concrete solutions to every concern.

Rick has a way of making everyone in the group feel comfortable. His sense of humor about vision loss makes it less daunting.

Heather: We have become good friends outside of the group. She has become a huge support to me.

On the whole: “I love and need the group. I had no hope until I met Rick (Support Group Facilitator) and the group!”