Meet Ronald

Ronald is a retired middle school teacher and self-proclaimed magician. Since January 2018, Ronald has been homebound after a stroke caused left-side paralysis and vision loss. Ronald had been a social and active person, and struggled with asking for help, ultimately finding himself feeling isolated. Ronald came to the Lighthouse with the goals of learning how to order grocery delivery so as not to rely on his elderly neighbor, how to use Paratransit, and attend a weekly support group. Before COVID-19, Ronald was making progress. He used Paratransit for the first time to attend a support group, where he met three others who also had disabilities and lived alone.

As the pandemic forced Ronald to stay home, he gained an appreciation for why his instructor urged him to “have a Plan B” and learn how to order online groceries. When his neighbor could no longer help with food shopping as a result of the pandemic, Ronald called his Lighthouse instructor, characteristically apologizing, to ask for help. Immediately, the instructor delivered a few days’ groceries to his doorstep. The following week, two other Lighthouse representatives offered their time to assist any senior clients in need. Ronald’s name was suggested, and they helped with picking up his medications and making a few food deliveries.

In the meantime, his instructor provided suggestions and training to teach Ronald how to order groceries on his own. Ronald learned to use basic key commands on a screen to enlarge web searches, and to review and purchase items that his cousin added to his online shopping cart. Also, Ronald learned about GoGo Grocery, a service of GoGo Grandparent, which takes phone orders and completes the delivery without having to use a computer. Ronald stills needs encouragement to use the computer, but soon this plan B will become routine.