Meet Roger

Roger is a client in his late eighties. He became a Lighthouse of Collier client a few months ago because his eyesight was worsening.

Roger grew up with a relative who had lost his sight. He already had many excellent strategies in place to help him remain independent.

As I got to know Roger, the fact emerged that he had been a renowned cook within his circle of family and friends. His mother had insisted that all her sons learn to cook. “You could end up being bachelors.” She would say to them.

Roger made his “Maine” sandwiches, stews and soups, and bread so well that friends would flock to the house whenever he was baking and cooking. One time, someone brought fresh, chocolate-dipped strawberries. The memories of eating fresh, warm bread with butter, and chocolate-dipped strawberries became legend.

Roger believed he could no longer bake and cook on his own. But he was wrong. An afternoon of bread baking using adaptive techniques and he was the master of his kitchen again.

Roger again has his mother’s recipes and his own and is once again delighting his friends and family with wonderful food served by a jovial host.