Meet Rhonda

Rhonda is a 67-year old client of the Lighthouse of Collier. She wanted a refresher course in Orientation and Mobility in order to qualify for her third guide dog.

The instructor went out to the client’s house to provide the requested review of Orientation and Mobility skills she needed to qualify for her guide dog. Additionally, the instructor provided demonstrations in using 20/20 pens, bold line paper, a handheld CCTV, bump dots, task lighting a liquid level indicator.

She was thrilled with additional services that were demonstrated. The instructor was able to immediately provide her with the pens, paper, bump dots, and liquid level indicator.

With input from Rhonda, bump dots were placed on all the appliances. She had given up on using the appliances. She had resigned herself to the fact that she would have to depend on her husband to cook and do the laundry. She cried in relief as she practiced using the bump dots on the appliances. She had regained independence in areas that were very important to her. But, one other problem was nagging at her. How to accurately pour liquid laundry detergent into the measuring cap. After some experimentation, the instructor and Rhonda discovered that the liquid level indicator was just the right size for the liquid laundry detergent cap. The indicator happened to beep when just the right amount of detergent was in the cap! This discovery was the adaptation that impressed her the most.

The instructors always listen to the clients while they are working with them. If other issues are brought up during the course of instruction, we are prepared to innovate on the spot. If we are not able to provide an adaptation immediately, research is done to determine how to solve the client’s needs and further independence.