Meet Matilda

Matilda is a 75-year-old client of the Lighthouse. She was diagnosed with Glaucoma and Dry Macular Degeneration 22 years ago.

Matilda was always exceptionally independent and everyone in her apartment knew her as someone that would selflessly help others. However, her advancing vision loss made her feel that she had to confine herself to her apartment. She was very nervous about cooking for herself, she could not read her own writing, she was constantly bumping into and stumbling over obstacles indoors and outdoors. She felt that she could no longer be independent.

Her friend brought her to the Lighthouse of Collier.

Matilda was encouraged by all the information and encouragement that was provided to her at her initial intake. She agreed to have an instructor contact her.

Matilda now has bump dots on her appliances which she again regularly uses.  She cooks for friends. She does her own laundry. She has bold line paper and pens on which she writes notes to herself and others. She is taking Orientation and Mobility lessons.

At her most recent lesson, Matilda told the instructor how she now uses her cane everywhere she goes. When she goes to the grocery store, she shows the employees her cane and asks them to help her get the items on her shopping list. Her friends see her outside of her apartment on a regular basis proudly using her cane.

Matilda recently completed attending the Independent Living Workshops that were held at the Lighthouse of Collier office in Naples. She is now aware of the many tools, tips, and techniques that are available to her. Assistive Technology has been added to her list of goals. She wants to have the application “Be My Eyes” added to her phone which will be done at her next lesson.

Matilda has regained much of her independence and self-confidence.