Meet Lucy

Lucy is a Lighthouse of Collier vocational rehabilitation client. She has been a client for many years, having lost her vision at a young age. Lucy was resistant at first to learning the skills needed to help her adapt to her new eye condition. Looking back, Lucy observed that she felt defeated and had lost hope of ever again being independent due to her visual impairment. With the hard work and perseverance of Lighthouse of Collier staff, Lucy now understands why it was important for her to learn the skillsets being taught.

Now, Lucy is working closely with a Lighthouse of Collier case manager to move out on her own. Lucy attends the recreation and leisure class weekly. Lucy is very social in group classes and is now able to serve as an additional resource for other clients, as she is always willing to share information and help. Lucy’s commitment and effort are inspiring to her peers, as well as to Lighthouse staff in their daily work.