Meet Karla

Many of our clients have concerns/questions regarding makeup. Can we use it? Should we attempt it? Do we really even care about looking good if we can’t see? The answer to all three of these questions is an unequivocal “YES.”  Lighthouse of Collier recently offered a specialized makeup class so our clients could learn unique techniques for applying makeup without sight.

Maggie Saldana, visually impaired aesthetician and our receptionist, shared a variety of tools and tips to ensure proper blending of foundation, safely applying mascara and methods for applying nail polish without making a mess – and much more! Also YouTube videos with various blind and visually impaired make-up artists were shared as another great resource for home reference.

Lighthouse of Collier client, Karla received a new make-up kit for Christmas and used it to learn tips for color and application. Karla looked gorgeous!