Meet Julie

Julie is a daughter of a Senior who is visually impaired and lives in Rhode Island.  Julie lives in Naples and was researching ways to make her father’s phone usage more accessible. She had explained that her father has been having trouble with seeing the numbers on his phone and always misses phone calls because he can’t seem to see where to press/ tap.

Julie mentioned that her father lives in Assisted living and that are unfortunately still in a lockdown. I had asked her if her father was perhaps considering moving to Naples. She mentioned that no, Rhode Island is his hometown and he wouldn’t want to move down here.  I referred her to a vendor called MaxiAids so that she could purchase a telephone from them. I then had asked Julie if she was aware that there are organizations near Rhode Island that provide services for the visually impaired and blind. Julie was surprised and relieved to know that her father could get that help that he desperately needed as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

I provided her with a lot of information and she thanked me a couple times for taking the time to look up the different telephone options on the MaxiAids website and seeing which phones could help her father.  I also provided her a list of organizations that help people with vision loss near his hometown.