Meet John & Steven

The holiday season is a time to appreciate all of the gifts we have been given. For the past several months (and through March), Lighthouse clients have been the recipients of front row seats to the Grand Piano Series Concerts. Founders, Milana Strezeva and Raniero Tazzi  graciously invited our clients to attend concerts by world-renowned artists after hearing about Lighthouse from Board Member, Sue Bookbinder. Because of their generosity, adults, children, and their families have enjoyed breath-taking performances.

John is a 13-year-old Lighthouse student who plays the saxophone, violin, and piano. He plans on attending every Grand Piano concert and has made a point of meeting each pianist after the performance to ask questions and take pictures. The concerts provide John with an opportunity to see what is possible to achieve musically and the steps needed to succeed. He asked one artist how long it took him to play so well, to which he responded, “all my life.”

Steven is an 18-year-old student who has also benefited from attending the concerts. Since the pandemic, he had stopped participating in music therapy and family outings in general. The piano music had a calming effect on Steven and even seemed to ease distress that he had been experiencing prior to one of the concerts. Steven attended the Grand Piano concerts with his parents and brother, who greatly appreciated the opportunity to be participating in a musical activity as a family.

Adult clients also attended the concerts accompanied by spouses or friends. They enjoyed sitting in close proximity to the performers and in view of large screens that projected a view of the pianist’s hands. Many commented on how they enjoyed being out in the community again and how grateful they were to be invited to such brilliant performances.

We are grateful for Grand Piano Series Founders, Milana and Raniero, for this wonderful opportunity!