Meet Jack

Jack is an 89-year-old war veteran with significant vision and hearing impairments who lives alone. He was recently released from the hospital after suffering heart problems that had become serious due to not correctly taking his prescribed medications.

To help Jack take the medicines that keep him healthy, a seven-day pill box, designed to organize his morning and evening medications, was augmented with tactile markers by the Lighthouse visual rehabilitation specialist. A stiff Velcro tab indicates the top front of the box. A single foam bump dot on the side of the first row indicates the morning medications for the seven-day period. On the side of the second row, two foam dots indicate the evening medications. A small rubber bump dot was placed on top of each of the seven morning slots just above the lip where the slot was to be opened. On the second row seven larger rubber dots were placed on the slots for the evening medications.

Jack is now able to successfully adhere to his prescriptions, and understands how to identify and track his medications from morning to evening, day to day, and week to week, keeping him out of the hospital.