Meet David

David is an 11-year-old middle school student living with Stargardt disease, a retinal degenerative condition that causes central vision loss. Without central vision, David is unable to read print or even track the mouse on the screen. Due to COVID-19, David’s family decided to enroll him in virtual instruction through Collier County Public Schools. For a sighted student, this option can be challenging. For a visually impaired student, it can be overwhelming.

Before David could even consider completing his work, he had to first learn how to find the assignments using the school system’s unfamiliar program. As a visually impaired person, David cannot easily scan the menus or links. He has to learn the location of each screen, menu, and link along with the corresponding Windows or JAWS screen reader command.

As David is a quick learner with an excellent memory, he efficiently mastered these skills, becoming able to independently locate, download, and upload all classroom assignments.

David is truly a joy to work with. Through hard work, determination, and most importantly the support of a very loving family, David will overcome any obstacle and become anything he chooses.