Meet Anastasia

Anastasia is a very energetic and lively three-year-old living with macular dystrophy.  She was referred to us about two years ago.  Since referral, Anastasia and her family have had frequent home visits from a Lighthouse Instructor focusing on crucial areas such as fine and gross motor skills, and visual efficiency skills.  Additionally, the parents have continued to be provided with important resources, and information about Anastasia’s vision and how best to support her in the home.

Recently, her parents made the leap of faith in deciding to send her to a local day care center so she can continue to grow and learn, and meet other kids her age.  Anastasia was very excited to start going to “school”.

Soon after, her parents reached out to Lighthouse of Collier to let us know that she was having some growing pains and so the instructor began providing visits to Anastasia at the daycare.

During visits, this instructor noticed that Anastasia was primarily getting frustrated during transition times, such as when the class would go from the classroom to the playground, indicating some light sensitivity, and that she was having trouble locating things in the classroom.  So this instructor spent time creating bold large print labels for the different toy cubbies, a large print name tag for Anastasia, and discussing possible accommodations with Anastasia’s classroom teacher for future activities.  Also, it was recommended to the family that Anastasia be sent with a hat to the daycare to see if this may help with the dark/light adaptation.

There has been such a change seen in Anastasia since then!  She is able to locate everything she needs in her classroom, and she no longer has bouts of frustration when going outside – she has even been line leader when heading to the playground a few times.

Her parents are so thrilled and endlessly grateful for the support they have from Lighthouse of Collier.