Lighthouse of Collier is pleased to announce it has received a $1,000,000 (one million) donation from Sue Bookbinder in memory of her late husband, Art Bookbinder.

The gift was announced at our annual benefit dinner that was held November 8, 2023. It is the largest single gift that Lighthouse of Collier has ever received.

Story/Quote from Sue Bookbinder:

My late husband worked at a company in California that made Hi Tech products for the Blind and Visually Impaired and saw every day how much these products affected the lives and spirits of those who were visually impaired.

When we moved from NYC to Naples, we found that there were no places for the visually impaired anywhere in Collier County.  My husband searched around an found a number of like-minded people and together they founded the Lighthouse of Collier.

Whenever I’m at the Lighthouse of Collier, I see many clients with the same glowing face that my husband would have, whenever he encountered a piece of technology that would open new avenues for him.

I know that my gift will help Lighthouse of Collier to continue to foster independence and enhance the quality of life for the blind, visually impaired and their caregivers.

Quote from Scott Flagel, CEO:

Our Board of Directors, staff, and clients are so appreciative of this formative gift, as well as of Sue & Art Bookbinder’s dedication to Lighthouse of Collier since its inception in 2009, that our Center will now be named the “Bookbinder Center”.

About the Lighthouse of Collier

Lighthouse of Collier is a tax-exempt non-profit organization established in 2009.  It is the only rehabilitation center for blindness and vision loss in Collier County providing services to many of the children and adults in Collier County who are blind/visually impaired.