Transition Camp 2021

Transition students at lunch together

This year’s Transition Summer Camp began July 12th and concludes this Sunday, July 25th with an afternoon at the theatre to see Naples Players’ production of The Wedding Singer.  The camp has been comprised of various outings and activities such as pottery through Clay More Ceramics, up close encounters with wolves at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, a “Cake-Off”, and more. While the students have spent lots of their time exploring and learning new skills, a big part of camp has been spending time getting to know one another and having meaningful conversations with their peers.  Transition program heavily focus on job readiness and independent living skills, and our transition kids understand the responsibilities they must take on as they move into adulthood, but we want them to know that remembering to appreciate and celebrate life is no less important.

Inspired by these discussions, two of our students decided to brainstorm ways that they could give back while they are in college, as well as developed their own ideas for children’s activities and services to better prepare our students for the future, and most importantly: activities that prompt our students to see beyond their vision impairment and allow them to just be kids, and focus on what they have rather than what they don’t have.

All of our students have truly displayed more and more confidence, and gratitude, each day of camp, and have shown that they have grown into fine young adults who will be future leaders one day.