Happy Thanksgiving!

Providing Thanksgiving meals for families affected by vision loss

With the arrival of COVID-19 and the rapid onset of a devastating pandemic, 2020 proved a tough year for many families. Lighthouse of Collier was grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with two businesses to provide full Thanksgiving meals to three families who have been affected by vision loss and the stress of COVID-19.

The first family helped is that of an 8-year-old girl with a vision impairment due to a birth injury. The child lives with her grandparents, having been abandoned by her mother at only 1 year old. Her grandfather earns the only income in this family of seven. This year, the girl’s grandfather lost his employment for a significant amount of time, which led to their almost being evicted.

A family of four, living in Immokalee, supports a 7-year-old child with congenital vision impairment. They only came to America last year. The father is a migrant worker and the sole income provider for the family. They are living in a two-bedroom efficiency and the mother is eight months pregnant with their third child.

Finally, the family of a client who recently passed away is encountering their first holiday season without their youngest child, and still grieving their loss.

Lighthouse of Collier appreciates that client needs often go beyond practical life skills to include fundamental resources and feelings of community. The Lighthouse is supremely thankful to be able to work with so many in need, with the support of individuals, organizations, and businesses.

On behalf of Lighthouse of Collier we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!